Last year, I starting juicing in addition to the daily green smoothie I had been doing since March of 2018 (yay 35lb weight loss and lower cholesterol). It was the Medical Medium phenomenon that got me thinking about it…so I started with celery juice. YUCK… straight up celery juice was a no-go for me. I even tried the “pinching your nose” trick to gulp it down but it was still a big NO. In an effort not to give up, I added a red apple to it and voila’…I love it now.

Months of the celery/apple combo led me to try other flavors. Scouring the internet for recipes produced some gross results…namely for me, ANYTHING with cantaloupe or honeydew. Gag-a-riffic. However, I did manage to find, test and love a few combo’s which I have listed below:


  • Green juice- celery and red apple
  • Red juice – beet, carrot, red apple, lemon and ginger root
  • Orange – carrot, red apple, lemon and ginger root

The mason jars I used are 12oz each and I bought them for just under $5 at WalMart for a pack of 6. The juicer I have is the Oster JusSimple Easy Juice Extractor and I bought it at Target. I started off with a $5 score of a juicer from my local Goodwill but after sterilizing the shredder part for a bit too long, it warped and I couldn’t fix it so I invested in a decent one. Ooops.

I don’t have an exact count of how many of each item I actually use to make the recipes above. Most of it was trial and error to see how I was able to make the taste work for me. Especially the beets…verrrrrrrry earthy tasting. My tip on that? Use half a beet to yield two of the 12oz mason jars and balance the taste of your front lawn with extra carrot!

Most websites/blogs that I have read say that you should drink celery juice fresh every morning (uh, ya’ll got kids?) or at least drink your juices within a day or so. I don’t have the time (I have a 4 year old who needs something every 14 seconds) or patience (my juicer has 7 pieces that I would have to clean every single time) so I prep 6 mason jars at a time. The contents DO separate but give it a good shake, and the cold juice goes down easy! These juices taste as fresh as the day I made it so I am going against popular advice and will keep on preppin’…

*Advise on sending the fresh lemon and ginger down the chute: put in in the middle of the items you are juicing so the items you juice at the end will force the lemon and ginger out of the juicer. Since these items don’t product that much juice, you need something to help it along. Kinda like what fiber is to your colon…

Juice on people and if you have a recipe you would like to share, please leave a  comment!


  1. Thanks Kara! I love how real you are with gag-a-rific…and a big No for me. To the point my friend. I MAY HAVE TO jump on this juice wagon. You make it seem easy!

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