This year is the year of trying new things…so I decided to enter a photo contest for the downtown revitalization project happening in my new city! Backstory about my new found interest in the photographical arts (not sure that is even a word; I totally made that up)…

Frustrated with the lack of portrait studios in the area I now live in (my brother would say I sound like an old lady now), I came up with the idea to try and start taking my own family photo’s. So, I put the bug in Santa’s ear last year he ended up bringing me a Nikon D3500 camera (thanks Amazon and the extensive research he conducted).

A few weeks ago, I got an email alert from the “city happenings committee” about this contest. The downtown area is very old and in new of some sprucing up so some love it is being shown! The city is hosting a historical photo contest; all you have to do is submit a picture of an old/historic building as a framed 8×10. The winner will get a trophy but even more cool than that is all of the photo submissions will be on a display for all to see before/during/after the revitalization. This is a great way for people to see the new without forgetting the old.

I took all my gear downtown and came across this abandoned gem:


I peeked inside to see what I could see but there was a ton of confusing things in there…such as a little boy’s red tuxedo/suit hanging randomly on the wall and a few heavy looking safe’s scattered about. There was also a lot of construction type materials around so I could not really tell what this storefront used to be. I tried digging up old property records but those results didn’t yield much other than a description of “mixed use” in nature. Anyhow, it is a cool creepy old building and I thought it would be perfect for me to test my non-existent photography skills out on.

Wish me luck readers…and TRY SOMETHING NEW THIS YEAR (within reason of course)!

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